Did Liberals give 100%?

By Dan Delmar on October 30, 2008

Just 14 of 75 seats in Quebec: The search for answers and the finger-pointing has begun inside Liberal Party ranks. Was it a one-off, attributable to an unpopular leader and a convoluted carbon tax scheme? Could more have been done to win battleground ridings like Outremont or Jeanne-Le Ber? Was this just an accident or was it…murder?..

Les Mille Mots: Canada geese get a glimpse of winter to come during this week's snow storm

By . on October 30, 2008


Le poids du mépris

By Bernard Amyot on October 30, 2008

Dans La Presse du 19 octobre dernier, le « chroniqueur » Patrick Lagacé a su décocher tout son fiel dans une charge tout à fait gratuite et sans fondement  contre Stéphane Dion, et cela au moment où celui-ci était plus blessé et vulnérable que jamais auparavant, soit à la toute veille de l’annonce de sa démission comme chef du parti libéral du Canada...

Outflanking the Liberals on the left

By George Jonas on October 30, 2008

There’s no confusion about the election results in Canada, only about who won. Some say, well, the winner is whoever forms the government, and that’s Stephen Harper. Not so, others counter. Mr. Harper called an election to get a majority; he was denied one, so he lost. Even worse, look at his opponent. Anyone who can’t knock out Stéphane Dion has no business claiming the belt...

La nation ne s’est pas prononcée

By Pierre K. Malouf on October 30, 2008

Gilles Duceppe déclarait récemment que c’est la nation québécoise qui s’est prononcée le 14 octobre en élisant 50 députés du Bloc.  Aucun commentateur n’a jugé bon jusqu’à maintenant de relever l’énormité des prétentions de M. Duceppe.  Alain Dubuc grattait les bords de la plaie dans sa chronique du 26 octobre, mais ne mettait pas le doigt sur le bobo.  Je serai donc le premier à le faire...

Justice for Anas?

By Jessica Murphy on October 30, 2008

Bizarre circumstances surround the shooting death by police of Mohamed Anas Bennis on Dec. 1, 2005. This summer, the family, who has been fighting for almost three years against government stonewalling, thought they would finally learn the facts about that day in Cote-des-Neiges...

Catastrophe looms for Ashraf refugees

By The Hon. David Kilgour on October 30, 2008

The 3500 refugees in Camp Ashraf, located in Iraq about an hour's drive from both Baghdad and the Iranian border, are at serious risk. They are members and supporters of the main opposition in Iran, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), formed in the 1960s in opposition to the Shah's absolute monarchy...

Butt Out

By David T. Jones on October 30, 2008

U.S. observers of the Canadian scene are well aware of the almost obsessive attention Canadians pay to the United States. It is almost as if you don't have a life of your own...

Visa to paradise

By Rouba al-Fattal on October 30, 2008

I stood for inspection at the gates of heaven
‘Passport and visa please’, a full armed angel demanded...

The Cascading Crisis of Confidence

By Robert Presser on October 30, 2008

There is not enough money in the world to give everyone who is suffering through hard times some kind of bailout.  Be they individuals, small businesses or corporations, some will have to be allowed to fail...

Bailout robbery

By Anthony Philbin on October 30, 2008

U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson hasn’t clearly explained why the U.S. needs to bail out the Wall Street millionaires, and he has even gone on record saying that the $700 billion figure in the bailout package is completely arbitrary. He has further admitted that the $700 billion number is “not based on any particular data point”. In other words he doesn’t have a clue...

Piperberg's World

By Roy Piperberg on October 30, 2008


Concordia’s Place Norman Bethune finally taking shape

By P.A. Sévigny on October 30, 2008

After years of discussion, assorted arguments, endless urban planning and a lot of construction, a statue raised to honor the memory of Dr. Norman Bethune, a hero of the Chinese revolution, will be located at the heart of one of the city’s more successful urban design projects...

Robert Latimer, prisonnier politique

By Michel-Wilbrod Bujold on October 30, 2008

Après deux procès, deux appels et un dernier appel devant la Cour suprême, après sept années d’incarcération, Robert Latimer reste convaincu que ses derniers juges l’ont injustement condamné.  Il réclame un nouveau procès.  Il soutient toujours avoir agi pour soulager les douleurs de sa fill, dont l’état ne cessait d’empirer sans qu’il soit possible de lui administrer une médication anti-douleurs...

Un peu de dignité SVP !

By Louise V. Labrecque on October 30, 2008

C’était un soir d’automne, un jeudi soir qui aurait pu être banal.  Je marchais en direction du théâtre St-Denis.   J’étais en avance au rendez-vous, un concert-bénéfice de la Fondation Garceau fondée par Brigitte Garceau et l’Institut des affaires publiques de Beryl Wajsman, venant en aide aux démunis, notamment des enfants...

Local youth learn about global responsibility

By Isaak Olson on October 30, 2008

Hundreds of young voices became one, filling the air with hope and dreams of change: "We can make a difference,” they chanted. “We have a global responsibility! We can make a difference!"..

Bill Brownstein's 24 Hours

By Alidor Aucoin on October 30, 2008

Bill Brownstein never walked into a saloon he didn’t like. The Gazette’s man about town has compiled a loving tribute to  Montreal’s night spots in 24: Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a City. His interlocking chapters convey the mood of the city through the owners, employees, trend setters, and bar flys that  he¹s interviewed in 24 different locations around town...

MCA's Sympathy for the Devil

By Alidor Aucoin on October 30, 2008

On the heels of the  show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts which examines music and dance in Andy Warhol’s work, the Museum of Contemporary Art has opened a similar exhibition of its own:  Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll since 1967...

Dance for the World

By Jesse Samuels on October 30, 2008

ombine your love of music and dance to help developing nations all over the world on Sunday November 2nd at the “Dance for the World” event. The “Dance”  in conjunction with CUSO and VSO form Canada’s Volunteer Partnership Fund...

Plummer shines "In spite of himself"

By Alidor Aucoin on October 30, 2008

Christopher Plummer is Montreal’s greatest gift to the theatre, Canada’s own swashbuckling John Barrymore...

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