Something to look forward to

By Antal Deutsch on December 27, 2010

Wednesday Night is a delightful microcosm of educated Anglo and Allo-Montrealers. The over-all tone is leftist, in the let-us-save-the-world style of the early seventies. There are a couple of sacred cows that are carefully not discussed: Israel vs. the Palestinians, and the suppression of individual rights (nominally language, but really economic) in the name of “collective rights” in Quebec. The over-all leftist tone not withstanding, much attention is devoted to the stock-market.

Dissenting views are provided with  voice, and are respectfully listened to. The sessions are lively, and often spiked with humor. The host and the hostess are gracious beyond the call of duty. Regulars develop bonds of friendship that emerge and live outside the once-a-week sessions. Wednesday Night is not only an experience to enjoy, but also one to look forward to, starting the Thursday morning the week before.


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