Single Rose

By Leslie Cottle on January 7, 2010

Bring me one daisy,single-rose-with-hand-bw.jpg
Bring me your smile,
Darken my doorway,
Through life's untimely trials.
Write me a kind note
Bring me one rose,
Sit down beside me,
Because you chose.
Ring my doorbell
Bring me a single flower,
Look into my eyes,
Show me love's power.

Come to my home
After a long distance drive,
Cherish the moments
While we're still alive.
Sit at my table,
Let's eat a good meal,
Let's laugh at life's mysteries,
And express how we feel.
Let's live in the moment,
The now and here,
I'll reach out a hand 
To dry your tear.
Tell me what you think,
Don't hold it inside.
Show me your heart
And in turn I'll confide.

Life is too short,
Unpredictable and rare.
Never hold back
To show you care.
Tell me your love me
Tell me today,
Don't wait another moment,
If you have something to say.
For when I am gone,
T'is surely too late,
Imagine the regrets
Because you chose to wait.

Don't write me a kind message
After I am gone.
Don't send me a bouquet of flowers,
Or sing me a song.
Don't host a lavish party
Which I can no longer attend.
Don't write me a beautiful speech,
For my family and friends.
Don't fly across the country
To put me in the ground,
Don't whisper your true feelings,
For you'll hear no sound.
Don't weep tears of sadness,
Don't be overwhelmed with sorrow,
Because I asked you to love me,
But you waited until tomorrow.

I am here today,
Asking to be loved,
Don't turn your back to me
Until I am high above.
All that is certain,
Is the here and now,
For tomorrow may be 
My final bow.
Today I stand tall,
Strong and brave,
With a wish for you to love me,
T'is all I crave.

So I ask again,
My heart forever true
Please bring me one single rose, 
And that rose is you.


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