Montreal Democrats Abroad Cheer Obama Nomination

By Byron Toben on September 8, 2012

About 50 US Democrats (many dual citizens) gathered at Hurley`s Irish pub on September 6 to watch the final day of the national Democratic convention in North Carolina as President Barak Obama accepted his party`s nomination for a second term.

The night before, delegates from the 50 states plus Democrats Abroad had unanimously voted to nominate him. Democrats Abroad (as well as Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam and the Virgin Islands ) may vote to nominate the president but does not have electoral votes in the general election.

Republicans Abroad has no vote in the Republican nomination convention.

At the roll call, Ken Sherman of Hamilton, Ontario, the current president of world wide Democrats Abroad, reminded the estimated 6 million US citizens living abroad that they can vote from overseas by mail through their last US state of residence by contacting .

The Montreal chapter, headed by Marc Seltzer (who is also legal counsel to DA-Canada) has organized similar “watch-ins” for the Jon Stewart March to Restore Sanity and the annual State of the Union addresses. Each event has attracted local ex-pats from seniors to students.

At the recent event, a door prize was provided –a new book “The Dead of Winter” by Montreal lawyer Peter Kirby. This mystery was featured on CBC and garnered an endorsement from Kathy Reichs.


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