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Dermod Travis

Don't shoot the messenger

By Dermod Travis on July 22, 2010

richard-fadden-300x208.jpgBefore some of Canada's political class line up eagerly to shoot themessenger, they may be better off asking instead: what if CSIS chief Mr. Richard Fadden is right in his warnings regarding foreign interference in Canada's political affairs.
Because his remarks raise two fundamental questions: do Chinese spies and possibly their non-Chinese operatives in fact lurk within our political structures and, if so, how much of a concern should it be to Canadians?

Ce que nous devons continuer dire aux Chinois

By Dermod Travis on December 3, 2009

22281167_resize.jpgQuelque soit les enjeux sur les droits de l’homme que le Premier ministre Stephen Harper mentionnent aux dirigeants chinois dans sa première visite officielle en Chine, le Canada pourrait faire bien pire que d’émuler Ronald Reagan, un autre dirigeant conservateur, pendant la visite de l’ancien président à Berlin-Ouest en 1987. Le voyage de Reagan sera gravé pour toujours dans l'histoire par ces mots célèbres : « démolissez ce mur. » 

Extending 101 is nonsensical

By Dermod Travis on November 4, 2009

“Alex that would be: ‘what is the impact of extending Bill 101 to the CEGEP level on the quality and promotion of the French language?’ Correct for $200.” Recently, former Quebec premier Bernard Landry and a coalition of French language groups held a news conference to call on the Parti Quebecois to adopt a policy to restrict enrolment at English language CEGEPs.