A Special Thanks to David and Diana Nicholson for Wednesday Nights

By The Hon. John Ciaccia on December 27, 2010

We are grateful for the opportunities you have given us to meet, to talk , to sometimes dispute but always to enjoy your company and that of the many and varied people who have joined you on Wednesday Night. 

You have opened your home and your hearts to us all. We have been fortunate to have had this oasis in the midst of apathy inattention and confusion. A place where the events of the time will have been reviewed, discussed, discarded, embraced but never overlooked. They have enriched us all- and left us yearning for more.

Who can forget the discussions on the “distinct society” and on the thesis that violence has accompanied all changes in the world (including the fear of violence (Star Wars) in the dismantling of the Soviet Union) . We may regret, but not forget. 

The discussions have known the whole gamut of reactions—from approval to indignation and contrariness, but always (well, almost) with politeness. 

Times have come and times have gone-but you go on forever.

We are grateful for your unique contribution and thank you.

A millions times.



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