1500 Wednesdays

By Prof. Gerald Ratzer on December 27, 2010

David and Diana Nicholson have to be congratulated for what is clearly a record setting contribution to the social and intellectual fabric of Montreal.  From what started as an after-class get together with her McGill professor Carl Begie over a drink, this has expanded into a well researched and documented salon, few in the world can revival.

Both David and Diana have web sites with invitations, links to articles, photos, videos, charts and more.  To manage to do this for 1500 Wednesdays and attract high level individuals with international connections and opinions has added to the world view which their salon provides.  No matter whether a Wednesday falls on Christmas, New Year, or any other important day, David and Diana would open their lovely home on Rosemount Avenue and invite in an interesting group of people from their wide circle of friends. 

From my own background, I draw an analogy of the Wednesday Night experience to dining at high table at an Oxford or Cambridge college.  Each time you go you know you will be meeting some well known friends and also some new faces.  Each time there will be an interesting intellectual discussion, most likely on a topic which is outside your own field of expertise.  This is your chance to learn from other experts and discuss topics from many different areas.  The analogy goes further in the David and Diana has participated at many Oxford and Cambridge events in Montreal, and in fact hosted the Fall Oxbridge cocktail party at their Rosemount home, just three days before they moved!

Their contribution has been outstanding and I will vote that they both be put forward for the Order of Canada.


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