Lasting connections

By Helen Forbes on December 27, 2010

I think my late boss, Richard J. Kaiser and I started going to Wednesday nights in 1981 or '82. Sometimes there were 20 or 30 people, sometimes as few as 10, often in the summers when people were away. Richard J. ended up giving up on the late nights as he had kids to get to school the next morning but I kept going. I was very young and very awed by the people we met there: John Ciaccia, the late Carl Beigie, Peter Trent, Ron Meisels and so many other movers and shakers in the political and economic scene of Montreal, Quebec and Canada at the time. We (by which I mean mostly the others) debated the state of the world, the country, the province, the city and our own local neighbourhood and we had answers to all that ailed the collective above. RJK moved to the States, I kept going, Carl and I became friends and then I brought the late Richard Coghlan along. He was also welcomed into Wednesday nights, when he could be there and until he, too, moved to the States. For a time, I worked in David's office doing charts with him and kibbitzing with Diana at every opportunity.I kept going to Wednesday nights until I married and husband was not interested in intellectual discussion. I quickly had kids, divorced and again, for the odd time, would show up at a Wednesday night when I could. 

I miss all that give and take, the equal footing around that table, at least until David introduced the night's special guest, who would then hold court for as long as they wanted. It's always been a great memory, that I was there close to the beginning and heard things I never would have been privy to otherwise, great stories from people who normally appeared staid and dignified in public life, but around that table, the gloves came off, hair was let down, a few secrets came out and some great, lasting connections were made. 

Thanks for letting me get that out.


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