Long Live the Great Satan!

By Andrei Piontkovsky on May 1, 2008


The revolutions in the Middle East and in the Muslim world generally, are well underway. But they are not quite the democratic ones that George Bush and Condolezza Rice have been hoping for. Tyrants and corrupt leaders are indeed trembling. Replacing them are young and not so young men with blazing eyes, Kalashnikov machine-guns and Shahid ammunition belts. Hamas in Palestine, Shiite clerics in Iraq, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and a deranged President in Iran.

What unites all these fervent fighters for a radiant future for mankind, who dream that the Middle East will belong to them today, and the whole world tomorrow? Hatred of Israel or of the Great Satan, the USA? For sure, this is what lies on the surface. But in their frantic, hysteric behaviour—in the passionate fervor of their bursting hate—the psychoanalyst would have little trouble in discerning something deeper than just political passions raging inside the Islamic collective unconscious.

What do all Islamic fundamentalists begin with, once they come to power – whether through democratic or other means? They introduce Sharia law, enslaving woman socially and above all sexually. This is their idée-fixe. First they force her to walk around in a sack and then if they succeed to implement to the full extent their radical “philosophy”, they mutilate her sexual organs to deprive her of sensuality.

There is present in Islamic fundamentalism, and even in the most moderate trends of Islam, an irrational fear of woman’s vital power, of her sensuality and her sexuality. For a righteous Islamist it is not just notorious Uncle Sam, the traditional whipping boy, that is a the real Great Satan. It is woman.

This complex—fear of women, which in reality is fear of life—is not a prerogative of Islam; it is plainly evident in the Judeo-Christian religious tradition as well. Christian Europe, however, underwent a series of sexual revolutions (the most far reaching of them actually being the Renaissance), which clipped the wings of the Catholic “ayatollahs” and partially restored Woman to the pedestal upon which she once stood at the dawn of human history.

Here we touch on a potential subject for hundreds of monographs and thousands of dissertations. Sigmund Freud presented us with a number of brilliant insights into unconscious causes of human behaviour. But he chose the wrong starting point for his psychic history of humankind. According to Freud, it all began with the uprising of young males, who killed the leader of the tribe, took over the harem of females, and who ever since then have been suffering in the successive generations from the Oedipus complex. But such an event could not have been a one-off occurrence. Rather it was something trivial that regularly happened generation after generation.

What was really fundamental to formation of human collective unconscious was an event several millennia earlier: at some point during pre-historic times the Goddess-based Matriarchate was overthrown by rebellious males and the women-rulers of the pre-historical world were turned into inhabitants of the harems. This is the real origin of the psychosis of Homo sapiens. This event was much more dramatic than the Freudian patricide. This was the deicide because Woman, giver of life, the Great Goddess was the first known deity of humankind.

Ever since then the collective “male,” subconsciously aware of his guilt and his inferiority, has been doing his utmost to denigrate and belittle woman in all her manifestations. The founder of psychoanalysis failed to perceive this most profound complex of modern man for the simple reason that he was himself, to some extent, suffering from it. We should be grateful to the gentlemen of Islamic radicalism who, by displaying this complex to a savage extreme, assisted us in the diagnosing this fundamental ailment of modern man. The present day tumult in the Islamic world is a desperate attempt by the collective male to prevent the return and ascent of the humankind to the idea of the Great Femininity.

Today they are “offended” by the Danish cartoons although they are not in the least bit offended by the mass murders of innocent people carried out in the name of their Prophet. On the contrary, the Muslim street regularly welcomes these murders by boisterous jubilation. Tomorrow the Islamists will surely declare that the unveiled faces of European women in the streets offend them. And the wretched European politicians- out of political correctness, reflexive appeasement, intellectually sanctioned multiculturalism and electoral expedience – will start dressing their wives, mistresses and daughters in burkas.

A number of Christian authors (in the West, as well as in Russia), acutely aware of the threat of aggressive Islamic fundamentalism, are now suggesting that it can be  stopped only by the reciprocal clericalisation of Western Society. This is a misjudgment. Christianity cannot confront Islam successfully on the ideological plane. Islam, on the other hand, has tens of millions of foot soldiers, young, dispossessed men deprived, because of the position of women in the Muslim world, of sexual partners and thereby charged up with a furious destructive energy. The revolution that the Islamic world really needs is not religious or democratic, but rather sexual.

As regards our European civilization, we can only halt the advance of contemporary barbarity on to its spiritual territory by keeping faith with our two supreme values: Free Thought and Free Women. If religion is really so important for you, then call this fidelity a new religion.



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