Ban the Bans!

By Suzanne Reisler Litwin on October 7, 2015

Stop it! Just stop it! It's getting out of control! It's getting to the point that we can't live our normal lives without someone, some place, somewhere telling us you can't do something.


Ok, I get it. It's bad for your health. For this reason I don't smoke. I won't smoke. I made that decision for myself. I don't  go to places where people smoke. That's my choice. But there are people who do enjoy smoking and that's their choice. Not mine, but theirs.

It's illegal for people to smoke in any public buildings. It's not easy being a smoker. I suppose they are being punished for this life choice. It's got to stop. It's a personal choice not a crime.

I suppose anywhere outdoors is an okay place to smoke for now or until smoking on terraces will be banned. This kind of curbs the enthusiasm to have a smoke and a drink at the same time. Ya think this ban is taking the outdoors a little too seriously?

It's starting to get stupid when the guy walking on the street carrying his beer and smoking his cigarette is breaking the law.   The guy sitting at the terrace having a beer  is fine, but smoking his cigarette in the same place might be breaking the law too!

Where are our freedoms? Who's trying to keep us from hurting ourselves? Are we living in a free society anymore? I don't think so. It's prohibition this and prohibition that and prohibition all that fricken crap!


I recently got an email from an organization stating that their work place is a Fragrance Free Zone. Any gatherings, meeting, lectures in their work place is without scent.   Anyone coming to their work place is asked to not wear perfume, cologne, or any added scents.

Seriously? I don't leave my home without putting on my perfume! Ever! This is myself, my person, my routine. This is who I am. My perfume is as much about me as my required eye glasses. I'm that girl who smells like a vanilla flower. My scarves, hair, coats, car all smell like me. It is a part of me.

So, I guess I won't be going to visit this organization any time soon, as I don't want to offend anyone with my BODY SMELL! Do you think someone who isn't  wearing any perfume, but smells horrible  from body odor will be allowed in that work place?  How do you control the horrible smelling person, who you wished put on some perfume?

How do people not smell of something? I suppose bakers, painters, cooks, athletes, will all need to shower in non-scented products in order to be able to enter that work place environment.

What's coming next? No perfumes or colognes on airplanes or the allergy defense league will attack me! Since I am highly allergic to pineapple, should I BAN PINEAPPLE from everywhere and enforce this to the point that everyone else has to live without pineapple? It is threatening to me, therefore, it needs to be banned.

I love the smell of men wearing cologne. It's a treat. Those who wear it are delicious. Why curb that enthusiasm ? What's wrong with people smelling wonderful and eating pineapple at the same time? Then having a smoke and a drink in the outdoors. Sounds like a perfectly sexy date to me!

We need the freedom to be the people we are and live our lives as we chose. I chose not to smoke. I chose to wear perfume. I chose not to eat pineapple but too much chocolate! Perhaps there needs to be a consumption ban also!

Do we need to have organizations and governments controlling what they feel is wrong for us? Do they have to protect us from ourselves?

Stop it! Seriously, get out of my life choices. I BAN YOU!


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