CREATURE MYTHOLOGIES St. Henri gallery combines art and interior design.

By Alan Hustak on October 19, 2012



NostraCasa  a  new  concept gallery opening in St. Henri Aug 30 represents a felicitous  marriage of contemporary  art, interior design and eco-luxurious furniture.

A dozen artists are represented at the gallery’s opening art exhibition Creature Mythologies, a show that features fairy tale beings, astonishing animals, and esoteric creatures that dwell in an artist’s deep flight of fancy. It is an usual concept  that combines the surreal with conceptual photography and sculpture.

Rhino_rabbit.jpg“People want a supernatural edge in their world,” says   the exhibition’s curator Summer Geraghty, a recent MFA graduate from Concordia University.  “People are increasingly looking for something that is not ordinary “ 

The multi-media show features paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs that depict human related but fantastical creatures. “The pieces I accepted had to be not only beautiful and intriguing, but they had to be developed in the sense that they had to be professional .They had to have their own thematic, their own vocabulary.”










Tiger_rose.jpgOn view are imaginative works by Montreal artists Rachel Tremblay, Emma Kate Guimond, Farrah Allegue   Dustyn Lucas and Kim Billing, William Parrick and Morgan Sea, with Dani Holtz;  Toronto’s Kirsten McCrea, Gillian King of Winnipeg,  Emily Jan from Oakland, Calf, and Jalal Abuthina, who is from Dubai.

The artists borrow from imagry and illustration,fuzzy furry and sometimes harrowing creatures. Look carefully and you just  might see familiar images from your childhood dreams. 

The gallery’s partners include Maha Al Sahhaf, Claudia Cavallini, a specialist in imported Brazilian furniture, and interior designer Mirelli Antunes.

Address: 4035 St-Ambroise, Suite 407 , Montreal, Quebec

1 (514) 937-1549



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