The Métropolitain

Thank You

By Paul Shrivastava on December 27, 2010

Thank you for this grand celebration of Wednesday Night, and of Diana and David's leadership in creating and sustaining community discourse.  For a new comer to Montreal like me, Wednesday Night offered it all - an introduction to the city's buzz, latest political news and gossip, lofty analysis, Punditry at its best, the seduction of a Parisian salon, an open, inviting and friendly  atmosphere.  It was a pill that made me feel instantly like an "insider".  At least once a week I felt like I knew exactly how things really were.  The discussions were well researched, erudite, and incisive, the disagreements were friendly and civil, and the video tapes archive is there to prove it.

Wednesday Nighters are a noisy, contentious, expressive, chatty, family - but mostly it is family.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the intellectual kinship and camaraderie of this group.  They are warm and caring people seriously concerned about human affairs of our times.  

Thank you David and Diana for your dedication to open inquiry, and for letting me be part of it.  I wish you both another 1500 Wednesday Nights.